Architectural Review Process

1. Read the Design Guidelines
 The Design Guidelines, as well as other legally binding documents, are provided to homeowners prior to closing on a house.  Please read the guidelines and application requirements carefully before submitting your application. If you do not have a copy please reference the Governing Documents page on this site to review the current Design Guidelines.

2. Submit an Application
Submit your application, along with any other required documentation to the management company. You may submit the forms by one of four ways,
Mail: Continetal Reserve
         c/o Associa Arizona
         6840 N Oracle Rd Suite 130
         Tucson, AZ 85704
Fax: 520-742-1523
Submit Request through TownSq

3. ARC Review
The Committee will review your application and perform any site inspections outlined in the association documents.  You will be contacted if the ARC has questions or if there are problems with your request. Note - the ARC enforces community guidelines but it is up to you to make sure you meet local permit requirements.

4. Approval or Rejection
You will be notified of the approval or rejection of your request via USPS mail. If you have questions about the disposition, please contact your association manager.

The ARC Committee meets the Tuesday before the monthly meeting with the exception of December when no meetings are held.

For paint palettes please reference the Paint Palette tab on the home page of this website or in TownSq. The palettes are broken down by neighborhood. Paint submittals must include the color scheme from the approved paint palette to be deemed complete for review.